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Antwerp is the place to be for a student. That is not only our own humble opinion, but also the opinion of 55,000 students who find their place here every year. Still not convinced? Then come and explore. We’ll be there for you to get you started and to answer all your questions about student life.

But first you’ll need to make the right study choice of course. At a SID-IN, all secondary school seniors can get acquainted with all the options Antwerp has to offer. Already convinced that the Diamond City will be your next station? Then come and visit an info day on one of the universities or university colleges.


Freshman or final-year student? You’ll always have some questions. For questions regarding study allowances, psychosocial counselling, fear of failure training, stress management, subsidies, welfare and more you can knock on the door of the Student Facilities Service of your educational establishment.

In addition, at every one of those establishments there is an International Student Services to help students coming from abroad and the ones who’d like to explore foreign ground.


Get to know all the good study spots

Are the walls of your student flat closing in on you, is your noisy little sister driving you crazy or is the library packed? No worries. At GATE15, the computer space or TAKEOFF is all yours to work on a group project, look something up or dive into your study books.

Moreover, during study periods GATE15 launches STUDY360: an initiative offering unique study spots in the city. Every single one of them is a striking space, some with spectacular views of the city. Of course we also join in by opening up Tarmac  and TAKEOFF for studying.

Visit the website of STUDY360 for more info


The higher education has a separate structure and its own system, which is valid for all educational establishments in Flanders. Want to know more about this system? Have a look here.

The learning credits were created to stimulate students to study well. Basically, it boils down to the following: at the start of your studies, as a student you’ll get 140 credits, which you can divide freely between different parts of your education. You can keep studying until your credits are spent. Usually, you’ve also finished your studies by then. Check all the info about learning credits.

Most educational establishments in Antwerp offer guidance: subject specific, therapeutic or to boost your skills. Check the list with the Student Services Department and the International Student Services per educational establishment. In the meantime, you can also take a look at the website of PSY-NET, where you can get help with both individual sessions and group counselling.

Are you younger than 25, without an income and you cannot fall back on financial support from your parents? Then you might be entitled to welfare, through which you can finish your studies or perhaps retake them. Student welfare is part of the supply of the Social Service Department of the city/town where you are domiciled. Get guidance from the Student Services Department or just check the website of Centen voor studenten.

As a foreign student, you’re obliged to register in the alien’s registration office (‘vreemdelingenregister’) and to apply for a residence permit. This procedure can be different, depending on whether you’re a student from an EU-EER country or a non-EU/EER country. You’ll need to provide the right documents to your university college or university. Therefore, look for more information on the website of the International Student Services of your educational establishment.

The team's tip!

“Check your academic calendar. That way you’re aware of all our Belgian holidays and you know when to plan that awesome road trip. Or at least not to be in front of closed doors.”


Still a question? Fire our receptionists an email or swing by.