Need a space to organize say a party, movie night or workshop? Rent our Tarmac: a multifunctional and acoustically closed off space for maximum 120 people. Thanks to the adjustable elements that you can use as seats or as a stage, you can fully customize the layout! Check all the information on booking the Tarmac in our FAQs.



The Tarmac can be rented every day between 9am and 2am.

  • Students pay 35 euros an hour to organise a party and 20 euros an hour to organise other activities. Unfortunately, doctoral students are not part of the student category and must rent the hall as a private person.
  • A private person pays 70 euros an hour for a party and 50 euros for other activities.

  • You can rent the venue with or without drinks, but no drinks of your own are allowed. All drinks consumed must be purchased via STAN.
  • Lighting, sound, audiovisual and podcasting equipment is available on request, as well as a speaker’s chair and a kitchenette (warming up only). You will find a full list of available materials while filling out the online reservation form.
  • Tip! The organiser is responsible for setting up the room and requested audiovisual materials. So also book enough up and down time with your reservation.

You start your request by filling out our registration form. Make sure you request at least two weeks in advance. After filling out and sending the requested registration form, it will be processed as quickly as possible. After approval, you’ll receive an overview of your order and – if we do not hear anything to the contrary – your booking will be considered final.


“Organizing an event can be pretty stressful. That’s why I love to rent the Tarmac. Everything is there: a DJ-set, a mobile kitchen… this way you don’t have to worry about anything.”