About us

Without a doubt, you’re highly likely to bump into one of us during your study years.

We’re not mad about distance. So pretty please, just call us by our first name. Talk to us and ask us about all the ins and outs: our team is here for you!


Hey you! We understand that studying is more than just attending classes and passing exams. We understand that your student years are eminently the perfect years to experiment in life. That’s why with us you are allowed to grow, flourish, try and fail, go on a discovery tour and return with complete new insights. Because we believe that you, as a student in Antwerp, have so much potential to achieve more than you would ever believe. We see you, we stimulate you, we challenge you.

Enter our house. Make your dreams come true and use your full potential. Develop yourself and make use of everything that we and the City of Antwerp reach out to you. Look at it as one big laboratory, your rough draft, your ultimate playground. This is the moment to show your drive, enthusiasm and ambition. Get out of your comfort zone and discover whatever there is to discover. We will be here at every step of the way during this important stage in your life. Come over to work, study, learn new things and toast to the beginning of the new academic year. And if you have any other suggestions? Mail us. Because we will make your student years unforgettable together, with you. Go. Try. We got you.

We go way back

We are young, enthusiastic and driven. Since our birth in 2008, our team and our house have grown hand in hand the past few years. Our spiritual mothers and fathers have even already been quite busy before our birth with different kinds of projects and collabs that we still carry out today. Our history shows who we are today and what we do together to make your student period and those of others a true highlight in your life.


Our spiritual fathers and mothers

The city of Antwerp, University of Antwerp, AP University College Antwerp, Karel de Grote University College and the Antwerp maritime academy are our spiritual mothers and fathers. These structural partners are the two solid legs we’re standing on. But we won’t make it with just legs! We have an alliance with the Antwerp Student Council, the official student representatives, who represent our indispensable eyes and ears. We’re all in this together.

That’s why we also join forces on a project base with other educational organizations in Antwerp: KU Leuven Antwerp, Institute of Trpical Medicine Antwerp, Antwerp Management School and Thomas More University of Applied Science Antwerp. And then there are also the many project partners we are connected with. We are so thankful for all the amazing organizations and companies that offer spaces and the much needed leisure for our cramming students during STUDY360 or for those that join forces for welcome party at StuDay or other projects. We love you all!

Thanks to everyone who helps to make Antwerp a fantastic and unique student city! Want to collaborateLet us know.