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Who is STAN?

STAN is challenging students to the craziest game ever. How do you let them make the most out of their student lives? Not just by partying, but by letting them develop their talents to the max. And that’s precisely where STAN will be stimulating them.

We show them the way through their student lives, share secret tips and at the same time, we are all ears for them when they need us. And, we’re doing this mostly together with them. We do this through events like STUDY360 (studying with a view) or the kick-off event of the year and StuDay. Now is the time to experiment. With STAN, we’re putting our students on a stage in the middle of Antwerp.

To see them evolve into the most open, powerful, passionate, ingenious, creative and critical human beings that they could possibly be. That is our biggest dream. And we’re convinced Antwerp will be their most glorious partner in crime.

Can you feel it? That’s the drive we’d love to awaken in them.

Let’s get connected.

Find us at GATE15

Kleine Kauwenberg 15
2000 Antwerpen
T +32 (0)3 292 31 70

Press contact

Spokesman: Veerle Desimpelaere
Director STAN
T +32 (0)3 292 31 70


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