The days where the study period equalled weeks and weeks of solitary confinement are long gone. Studying together and sharing cram and break periods is sounding more and more appealing to the Antwerp student.

That’s why since 2015, STAN has been on the hunt for unique study spots: each and every single one of them striking spaces, some of which have a stunning view over the city and all labelled as STUDY360.


Cramming without boundaries at unique locations in the city


During every exam period

More info?


Three times a year – during every study period – you can study at STUDY360-locations. These periods usually fall in the months December-January, May-June and August-September. For the exact dates and more info, check the website of STUDY360.

Before you can use the study spots of STUDY360, at the start of every edition we ask you to register one-off at the website of STUDY360. After that, you’ll receive a personal access code via email, which you can use at different locations to check in and check out. On the website of STUDY360 the available cram spots will be posted live per location.

As a student portal for the Antwerp student, the fact is that our focus is on students studying at the Antwerp establishments for higher education. The conditions to use STUDY360 are drawn up like this for a reason: our experience has taught us that our study spots are in high demand and run out daily and quickly. Logically, allowing even more students to these locations would be complicating things. That’s why we chose to only make these spots available for students connected with an Antwerp educational establishment and for those who live in Antwerp.

Luckily the city of Antwerp offers more public locations for students, like the public libraries, health care centres and a few cultural centres. Also: everywhere in the city, you can find coffee bars and coworking places with plenty of spots and amenities.


“Try EVERY location of STUDY360. Some of them have hidden extras, like a pingpong or more than ten types of coffee.”


Questions about STUDY360? Emilia and Katelijne from our fixed team would love to help you out…