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Kotweb is a unique collab between the city of Antwerp, the Antwerp establishments for higher education and STAN. Together, we work on qualitative housing in Antwerp, providing neutral info on students and owners.

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Start your quest on the ultimate web of student flats: Kotweb. Thanks to the granted quality label, you can be sure of a reliable and safe student flat. On Kotweb you can even filter your search to the right neighbourhood or street, the period you’d like to rent for or the accommodation type that appeals to you the most. All useful info about living in a student flat is for free!

As a student, you’re usually only allowed to sublet your room if your landlord has given you written permission beforehand. But if you get into an international exchange program, or if you’re doing work training, you can sublet your room to another student without your landlord’s permission. This is valid for all contracts signed after 1 January 2019. Check Kotweb for more info.

Your landlord is never allowed to prematurely break your contract. That means your landlord cannot throw you and your belongings onto the street for no reason whatsoever. In any case, there will be house rules that you will need to respect and if you’re really, truly being a total pig, your dispute can even make it to court. This is valid for all contracts signed after 1 January 2019. Check Kotweb for more info.

At all times, your rental bond can only be two months rent maximum (this is without taking into consideration your extra costs for water, energy and telecommunication). Your landlord cannot ask for your bond earlier than three months in advance. This is valid for all contracts signed after 1 January 2019. Check Kotweb for more info.

Good to know: at the end of the rental period, the tenant gets the bond and the interest back, unless there is damage or when you’re late in paying rent. The financial institution can only refund the bond with written proof. Is the bond in your landlord’s name? Then he needs to refund it within 3 months of your departure.

As a student at one of the Antwerp university colleges or universities, you can always get help from a Kotweb confidential advisor for free assistance. You can find your contact here. Make an appointment and bring your contract. Together with you, Kotweb will look for a solution.


“It’s really important to have a nice place to live and a landlord that cares about their tenants, so that you can fully enjoy your time in Antwerp as a student. Make sure you scan on Kotweb for a room with a green label.”


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