Organise it yourself


Need a space?

So you’ve flown the nest and the world is at your feet. But from time to time, that spacious garage or big dining table could’ve come in handy… Stay calm! There are plenty of halls in Antwerp where you can indulge in your activities. Need a space to organize a meeting, party, movie night or workshop? Then rent our  meeting room Meet & Greet or space TAKEOFF. For free or at a student friendly price!

Are the GATE15 halls taken, or you’re looking for a different venue for your event? Then have a look at Zaalzoeker. Zaalzoeker bundles more than 100 halls in all districts. They’re suitable for different activities.

All info regarding our halls you can find here


Organizing an event can require quite some administrative know-how. We’d like to point you in the right direction. Organizing an event on the public domain? Then apply at the digital event office of the city of Antwerp. Organizing an event with your student club?

As soon as you have permission from the city to organise your event, you can request to rent material. Are you organising an event on private property? You can also rent materials without an event application. Fill in the request from for material rental accurately and in time!

Sports material can be rented at a sports rate with the lending service of Buurtsport (a service of the city of Antwerp).

Organizing an event at a private domain? Then apply for material at STAN. Fill out the application form and get it to us at least six weeks ahead via As a renter, you’re responsible for the material yourself, and student clubs can only rent material for free if they’ve signed the Student Charter. You can rent audio-visual material at a democratic price at uitleendienst Stad Antwerpen. Make sure to do so in time, at least five weeks ahead!

Got a great idea that turns out to be too pricey to cover yourself? There are a few doors you can knock on without hesitation. First check with the Student Facility Service of your educational establishment. They will not sponsor parties, but for a day of wall climbing or a theatre night they might have something spare in their budget. Mind you! At the uni, that budget is already divided among the student clubs. They receive annual subsidies to organize activities.

At different places around town, you can find info pillars and posting pillars. Take a few rules into account and your message will get to its audience in no time. The police and the city are pursuing active measures to posting signs/posters illegally (on electricity cases or lantern poles for example) and fines can go up to €350. So make sure to carefully read about the mounting policy.


“Want to break in your new place with a house party? It might be good to know that under Belgian law you’ll be seen as an official organizer of an event, which means you can be held responsible if an accident or something else happens. Getting your party crew under control is a must!”


Still a question? Fire our receptionists an email or swing by.

In addition, Ellen from our fixed team is specialized in anything related to finding a hall and renting stuff.