Meet & Greet

This quiet, cosy meeting spot in the ridge of GATE15 is a peaceful oasis for 20 people. Rent our Meet & Greet for say, a meeting, a workshop or group work. A free videoconferencing system/digital presentation screen  are at hand and the room can be booked without mandatory drinks purchasing.



You can rent the Meet & Greet every day – also during the weekend – between 9AM and 10PM, excluding Thursday afternoon.

  • Renting the Meet & Greet is during office hours free for students, also on Monday and Wednesday evening between 5PM and 10PM.
    At all other times, renting this space will cost 20 euros an hour for students.
  • For non-students renting our meeting space costs 50 euros an hour.

  • You can rent the venue with or without drinks, but no drinks of your own are allowed. All drinks consumed must be purchased via STAN.
  • The room has a beamer, flipchart and video conferencing system/digital presentation screen. Podcast material is also available on request. You will find a full list of available materials while filling out the online reservation form.

You can start your request by filling out our booking form on the website. Apply at least two weeks in advance. After filling out and sending the booking form it will be processed as soon as possible. Upon approval, you’ll receive an overview of your booking and – if we do not hear anything to the contrary – your booking will be considered final.

Ons team tipt!

“Stressed about your presentation? Rent our Meet & Greet venue for free and practise without distractions with a professional projector, a coffee machine and your own fridge. We bet you’ll kill the presentation afterwards!”