By bike

Traffic jams, frustrating searches for a parking spot or even more roadworks… Getting around in Antwerp is not always easy. The best way to avoid all those hurdles? Jump onto your bike and cruise around the city! For those who don’t own a bike, rent one at Groep INTRO or Swapfiets, or share one thanks to the sharing systems of  Velo Antwerpen, Velofietser, Blue-bike or Donkey Republic.

You can also simply buy a second hand bike at De Wielredders.

Pay attention: GATE15 is a mobile bike repair point. Drop off your bike here and get it fixed.

Public transport

Pretty much everything in Antwerp can be reached by public transport. Tram and metro stops are scattered all over the city and busses drive into, out of and around the city. Most regional busses depart from the Rooseveltplaats, the Astridplein or the Groenplaats. Check all the up-to-date information online. For the train go to the website of the SNCB and for the rest (bus and tram) to DeLijn. With the app of SlimNaarAntwerpen, you will discover loads of opportunities to discover Antwerp!

Or try something different

Bike, car, public transport… all logical options to get around in the city. However, in the last few years, many alternative systems have been introduced in Antwerp. As from the autumn of 2019 the electric steps from Bird, Lime and Poppy are zooming through the streets. Sharing systems have also been introduced for scooters and cars (Poppy or Green Mobility). Up for a real fun alternative? Then take the waterbus for a change. It sails between the Steenplein in Antwerp and Hemiksem, with a stopover in Kruibeke. In short, plenty of ways to explore the ‘Koekestad’.


First, declare the theft to the police. You don’t necessarily have to walk there all the way, since you can easily do this online. Make sure to write down your PV-number! Also want to look for your bike yourself? Then make sure to regularly check Here, all found bikes are on display for three months, hoping to find their rightful owner. Get your future bike labelled, this facilitates the search. Check here for more info. The info is in Dutch, so contact the International Office or our receptionists at GATE15 in case of any questions.

You can only apply for an inhabitant’s card if you’re an Antwerp resident. On top of that, you have to live in a zone where the inhabitants parking applies. For students in a student flat it’s hard, since quite often you cannot be domiciled on your student flat address. If you are domiciled in the city you can apply for your inhabitants’ card here.


“Are you cruising about town with the Velo bikes? Make sure you always check out with your Velo card. If something goes wrong, the system will keep on charging your card because the bike is not registered right. Protect your poor student budget and always check out!”


Still a question? Fire our receptionists an email or swing by.