Student Guide Antwerp

Studying in Antwerp is so much more than just studying. To get you started in what leisure activities Antwerp has got to offer, we’ve bundled all the coolest eating spots, (cheap) culture spots, spots to work out or throw a party together in the Antwerp Student Guide.

So toss away those hopelessly outdated tourist leaflets and pop by at STAN to grab a much-wanted copy of the one and only Antwerp Student Guide.


Working out is important to keep the brain alive and kicking. He who studies a lot, needs to relax regularly. Thanks to the Sportsticker/ UAntwerpen Plus Pass or the sports card of Thomas More Antwerp you get your body going for a whole year for a bargain and you get access to an extensive and varied sports offer.

You’d rather not work out collectively or at uni? Then check out the sports offer supply of the city of Antwerp, which is quite something too!



Discounts at cultural centres, museums or shops? A free swim sesh in the municipal swimming pool? With the free (!) A-card it’s closer than you’d think, so this card is an absolute must in any Antwerp student’s wallet.

Every time you visit an A-card location, for example in a culture centre or the library, you swipe your A-card at the A-card pillar and you collect points! Every 10 points saved will get you countless discounts and (temporary) benefits. YES!


On the last Thursday of September, we’re taking over Spoor Oost, a stalwart industrial site with a touch of green, to officially kick off the academic year with a bang! It’s the time of the biggest and coolest student party of the year: StuDay.

At StuDay you can chill over a cold beer with the sweet vibes of a genius DJ in the background, get inspired for your first student flat party, score yourself a new sweetheart, munch at the food market and so much more. One not to be missed!



A sports sticker (€18-25) is available for students at the Karel de Grote Hogeschool, Hogere Zeevaartschool, Instituut voor Tropische Geneeskunde and KU Leuven Antwerpen. An UAntwerpen Plus Pass (25 euro) is available for students, staff and ex-students of UAntwerpen, students and staff of Linguapolis, Antwerp Management School and Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool. The Sportsticker/ UAntwerpen Plus Pass is partly or fully refundable by the majority of the Flemish health services. Start your registration for a Sportsticker/ UAntwerpen Plus Pass here. Thomas More students can purchase a sports card for €20, which allows you to practice for a whole year at sports clubs or organizations near your campus. Apart from that, it also gets you other advantages to other sporty or cultural activities.

You can get the A-card at the municipal A-card locations; about 70 in total. You can also use the A-card on those locations. All locations of the A-card (in Dutch). More questions about the A-card? Get in touch!

Every week there’s something happening in Antwerp, since the city is buzzing with events! More info about recurring events, like the cultural event Calamartes or the sports event Antwerp 10 Miles, you can find in the Antwerp Student Guide of GATE15. More info on all kinds of other events you can find on different websites, such as This is Antwerp or the calendar of UIT in Antwerpen.


“A lot of places in Belgium have discounts for students or people under 26. Never hurts to ask! All you have to do is bring your student card with you.”


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