One place to chill out, work on a group project, study or to rent for your own event.

During study periods, studying is shared here until late as one of the regular venues for STUDY360Β . Throughout the year, rent room TAKEOFF for your next workshop, reception or lecture.

And if it’s not rented out?
Pair the useful with the pleasant and settle into our cosy TAKEOFF. You can hang out there in peace and quiet during GATE15’s opening hours and use your own computer/tablet to log onto the wifi network for free.

Work in progress!
Between Wed 1 May 2024 and Sun 15 September 2024, you won’t be able to rent TAKEOFF due to works. Why? Because TAKEOFF will get a new destination to meet the needs of Antwerp students even better!


rent the TAKEOFF


You can rent TAKEOFF every day – including weekends – from 9am to 2am.

  • For students, it costs 30 euros per hour.
  • A private person pays 50 euros per hour.

  • You can rent the venue with or without drinks, but no drinks of your own are allowed. All drinks consumed must be purchased via STAN.
  • Lighting, sound, audiovisual and podcasting equipment is available on request, as well as a speaker’s chair and a kitchenette (warming up only). You will find a full list of available materials while filling outΒ the online reservation form.
  • Tip! The organiser is responsible for setting up the room and requested audiovisual materials. So also book enough up and down time with your reservation.

You can start your request by filling out our booking form on the website. Apply at least two weeks in advance. After filling out and sending the booking form it will be processed as soon as possible. Upon approval, you’ll receive an overview of your booking and – if we do not hear anything to the contrary – your booking will be considered final.

Ons team tipt!

“Want to make working on a project more fun? Come together at TAKEOFF. This way, if your group members annoy you, you can just exclude yourself! Room TAKEOFF has space enough!