Survive the holidays away from Antwerp

Survive the holidays away from Antwerp

Ho Ho… oh no! You leave Antwerp to celebrate the holidays with your family in your home country! That’s obviously very cosy, but now you have to miss the most beautiful city in the whole world for a while. 😢

But don’t worry: you can take the best Antwerp souvenirs back to your own country! This way you can impress your family & friends and you have a memory of your best Erasmus time in beautiful Antwerp. But which souvenirs should you take with you? We will gladly help you with our ultimate souvenir list:
  • Antwerpse Handjes

Nothing screams more Antwerp than Antwerpse Handjes! Just the thought of these delicious cookies makes our mouth water. Fun fact: the hand shape of an Antwerps Handje refers to the legend of the giant Druoon Antigoon. A cookie with a lot of history!
  • Postcards

Take a pile of postcards from the best places in Antwerp: the MAS, the Grote Markt, the Havenhuis, the Groenplaats … We can keep going. If you keep staring at these beautiful postcards long enough, you’ll really feel like you’re in Antwerp!
  •   Monopoly Antwerp

If there is one game that shouldn’t be missing on cosy family evenings, it’s Monopoly. To make it even better: there is an Antwerp version of this iconic game! No, this is not a dream. Get ready to beat your family and show off your knowledge of Antwerp!
  • Antwerp beer

As you know, Belgium is the country of beer. But did you also know that there are real Antwerp beers? You absolutely have to put them in your suitcase! Beers from De Koninck, Seefbier … Taste Antwerp in a glass and enjoy!
  • Surprising souvenirs

Would you like to be a little more original and take home some surprising souvenirs? Be sure to visit Start Up Your Christmas on Tuesday 17 December from 4 pm to 10 pm at GATE15! You’ll find the best souvenirs, sold by student entrepreneurs. To top it off, the income goes to charity!
There you go, now you can start packing your suitcase with the best Antwerp souvenirs!
You are so welcome and we hope to see you soon in Antwerp!
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