World Laughter Day: how to stay happy when you feel lonely?

World Laughter Day: how to stay happy when you feel lonely?

Lonely… I’m Mr./Mrs. Lonely… I have nobo- Okay, let me stop you right there. That’s not true. Because Antwerp’s coolest editorial team is always here for you. And we understand that you might feel like crying these days… but today is World Laughter Day! And we insist on celebrating. So buckle up and get ready for a few of the best tips to feel less lonely and start smiling just a little bit more.

#1 Try new hobbies

The best cure for loneliness? Distraction, distraction, distraction… And the best way to distract yourself is by doing something that you love. But unfortunately, it can be hard to do what you love these days, since we can’t go to the gym, our music lessons, or to the bar (and let’s be fair, that’s every students biggest hobby). So we have to be creative in the search for new hobbies. Are you in need of some inspiration? I got you:

  • Create a scrapbook. We’ve seen them hundreds of times in teen movies and chick flicks, but let’s be honest, have you ever made one? Don’t think so. So while you still have all the time in the world (or while you’re procrastinating homework, of course), you should grab your chance and make an awesome scrapbook with pictures of your favorite moments with your loved ones. This trip down memory lane will definitely put a big smile on your face in no time.
  • Take online dance classes. Who says you can’t stay in shape while staying inside? A lot of dance schools have uploaded dance classes on Instagram and YouTube, so you better use this opportunity to become a new born dance god – move over, robot and sprinkler. And hopefully you can show your new moves at the club in a couple of months.
  • Become the world’s greatest bookwurm. Are you the type of person who has an impressive bookshelf, but have not read half of it? Well, time for a change. While stepping into a fantasy world, you’ll forget that you’re alone for a while (well hello there, imaginary friends…). The perfect cure against loneliness.
  • Become a self-thought photographer and discover Antwerp’s most beautiful spots at the same time. You’ll feel less lonely in a heartbeat when you remind yourself of the fact that you’re in the most beautiful and the most photogenic city of the world ;). Oh, and you can find the best walkabouts of the city, including all the best spots to take pics of, in the back of our Student Guide.

#2 Video call: all day every day

I’m sure we don’t have to tell the generation of the millennials that video calling is always a good idea… But I’ll do it anyway. Because this might just be the best trick to avoid loneliness. By the way, did you know that there are lots of apps where you can play games while video calling? Great, isn’t it? So you can video call your friends, family, boyfriend or girlfriend during a game, while you’re having dinner, on a Saturday-night-is-for-the-boys-night, in bed, on the couch… All day. Every day.

#3 Keep an eye on our social media channels

Covid-19 crisis or not, a little bit of work never killed nobody. So our editorial team is still working hard to provide you with the best tips, prettiest pictures, coolest walkabouts and many, many more, just to put a little smile on your face. So, do you feel lonely? Make sure to regularly check our website, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat (oh wait no we don’t have Snapchat) and let us make you feel happy.

#4 Know that you’re not alone

Well, figuratively speaking. Because maybe you are. I’m sorry. Anyway, it can really help to realise that you’re not the only one missing their friends and family. It’s a hard time for everyone, but we have to make the best out of it together. Alone. Did these tips did not put a smile on your face and do you still feel lonely and miserable? And do you need someone to talk to? Here’s a list of student aid organizations you can contact:

  • STIP University of Antwerp (+32 3 265 48 72 //
  • AP University College (+32 3 220 59 00 //
  • Antwerp Maritime Academy (+32 3 205 64 59 //
  • Karel de Grote University College (+32 3 613 13 03 //
  • KU Leuven (Antwerp) (+32 3 201 18 19 //
  • Thomas More (+32 3 432 19 89 //