3x sustainable shopping under 25 euros in the Kammenstraat

3x sustainable shopping under 25 euros in the Kammenstraat

Slow fashion is becoming increasingly popular among students. After a year filled with Covid19, we may be a little stingier and we are more than ever before aware about the care we need to take for our planet. Second hand shopping is therefore hot this summer. Shop together with STAN on Sustainable Tuesday along one of the most famous shopping streets in Antwerp, the Kammenstraat. No, we won’t be visiting Dries Van Noten, Essentiel or Nathalie Vleeschouwer. This summer we want to enjoy everything that is student-proof. That’s why we’re showing you where you can exchange those last 25 euros for the coolest summer clothes. Sustainable shopping will make you pop out on the next summer evening!

Expensive or sustainable shopping?

Second hand clothing is a form of slow fashion. Slow fashion suggests that you can shop slowly, but nothing is less true. You have to invest time in slow fashion, but you get a lot of good karma in return! For the newbies among us, slow fashion stands for timeless, high quality clothing that you can wear for years or lives. It is the opposite of fast fashion, clothing from clothing chains that produce unfairly, sell cheap and low quality clothing and are only looking for the best profit deals. Slow fashion wants to counteract disposable behavior. Don’t be led by trends, just create your own style with a sustainable wardrobe.

1 Think Twice

The first second-hand store is Think Twice with four shops in Antwerp city center: Kammenstraat 85, Jezusstraat 18, Nationalestraat 81 and Lange Klarenstraat 21. On their Instagram and Facebook page you can follow the latest collection. On shopping days, ‘T2 Days’, you enjoy a lot of discounts as a customer. On the last shopping day second-hand clothes cost only 1 euro.

2 Episode

Episode is about as old as the average student, as this chain sold its first item in 1999. Since then, the Dutch clothing chain has expanded slowly and internationally. You can also find two stores in Belgium: in Antwerp and Brussels. Second-hand shopping takes time. At Episode, the clothes are all washed (even the shoes!) and nicely arranged in the store. Episode often repairs clothing itself. For example, Levi’s jeans are renewed into second-hand pants with a frayed bottom. Episode follows the latest trends so you can leave the store hipper than ever before!

3 Outlet & Sample Sale

Across from the Dries Van Noten fashion palace you will find a large Outlet & Sample Sale store. If you’re a fan young and hip brands, then this brand retail chain is your heaven on earth. From durable and stylish Wrangler denim to Danish HVISK bags.


  • A Harley Davidson jeans jacket is cool and warm to wear in the evening when the breeze is blowing on the terrace. 6 to 14 euros – Think Twice
  • A red and white striped shirt simply shouts ‘Where’s Wally?’ or ‘Where’s the wine?’. Easy to wear as an identification mark for your friends while chilling at the (Sint-Anneke) beach. 8 euros – Think Twice
  • A stylish tie for graduating. For every student an appropriate motif: art students, biology students, architecture students to nautical science students. 4 euros – Think Twice
  • Cat or cap? Protect your head from the sun with these Adidas caps on long summer walks. 7,5 euros – Episode
  • Petrol Industries belts keep those oversized pants from all that exercising/sweating/losing weight on your tight body. 20 euros – Outlet & Sample Sale
  • T-shirt from Adidas or Nike. Which (brand)team do you belong to? 15 euros – Episode


  • Did you used to be a Minnie Mouse fan? Are you now a fan of pop art artist Roy Lichtenstein? Then a summer skirt with Polkadot print is a must have! 7 euros – Think Twice
  • A wicker bag asks for sun, sea and beach! 4 euros – Think Twice
  • A scrunchie to keep your hair out of your neck during second sit studying. 7,5 euros – Episode
  • At festivals, small, handy and trendy shoulder or hip bags are your best friends! Dream away to the Coachella festival with the bags from Cobachella. 10 to 15 euros – Outlet & Sample Sale
  • Wearing jeans from Wrangler for rainy days won’t make you complain once. Price unknown – Outlet & Sample Sale
  • The design of the bags of the Danish brand HVISK is based on the Danish streets. These soft shades are awesome for day and night! 25 euros – Outlet & Sample Sale


  • Birkenstock sandals, because your feet deserve a vacation too! 25 euros – Episode 
  • Matching Adidas shorts with your best friend/lover/study buddy during second sit studying. 20 euros – Episode
  • Matching boat/sea life shorts with your favorite hiking buddy along the Schelde water. 12,5 euros – Episode
  • Hip bag by Champion in a pastel color, that will put you in an instant good mood! 20 euros – Outlet & Sample Sale
  • What if the wrong 80s come back in 2021? Then you get this extra colorful, extrovert and retro waist bag. With a quote like ”Energiebewust handelen’ (translated as ‘Acting Energy Conscious’) you will make a clear statement. 5 euros – Think Twice

From fast to slow in 3-2-1, go!

For slow fashion you have to be willing to take time, as the name says. A relationship with your partner takes time, just like your relationship to sustainability. Making your wardrobe sustainable is therefore done step by step. Never forget what Neil Armstrong said: “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”