The perks and cons of living at home after graduation

The perks and cons of living at home after graduation

When you started studying, you were asked the first time: will I continue to live at home, or will I look for a new home in a student accommodation? And now that you finally have that hard-earned diploma, that question arises again. To make the choice a little easier, STAN once again lists the advantages and disadvantages of living at home.

  • PRO: you don’t have to do the chores yourself.

When you come home after a hard day’s work, it can be a relief to smell the scent of mom’s spaghetti lingering down the hall. No more cooking, no more cleaning: just slide your feet under the table!

  • CON: you are less independent.

So do you actually know how a washing machine works? Unless you ask for it yourself – or if your mom is urging you – you’re less likely to learn how to take care of yourself or run a household. Old habits die hard, right?

  • PRO: you worry less about money.

The main reason why recent graduates stay under the protection of mother’s wings is to be able to put some money aside. Certainly if you can’t immediately find a permanent job, all financial security is more than welcome.

  • CON: you can’t just do as you please.

Coming home tipsy in the middle of the night with a fling? Forget it. Even when your parents generously claim that you can really do what you want, you won’t – or at least not without uncomfortable guilt …

  • PRO: it’s familiar

We get it: it’s more than enough change in a short time, and if you are also torn away from the nest you were raised in, it can sometimes be too much to handle. Besides, sometimes you just want your parents to be able to help you sort out all your paperwork, because yes, adult life is a bit scary.