Create a Christmas market atmosphere at home

Create a Christmas market atmosphere at home

Drinking Gluhwhein, admiring the Christmas stands and sliding on the ice rink… Oh god, what a wonderful place the Christmas market in Antwerp is! Unfortunately, this place full of joy and cosiness will be closed this winter. Even though we all understand why, it’s still a pitty! But we wouldn’t be STAN if we didn’t help you out with some alternatives. In this article, you’ll discover how to create your own Christmas market, safely in your own apartment.

  • O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree …

… How lovely are thy branches.  Your boughs so green in summertime, come at my place, I’ll make you mine… As you can see, making your own original lyrics is also a part of the holidays and we already rock it! But now back to the important things, a beautiful Christmas tree is a must have when you decide to create your own Christmas market at home. Confession time: mine is already decorated since November (what else to do in quarantine?). Extremely high levels of Christmas-atmosphere and cosiness guaranteed! But this brings us to the question of the year: will I buy a real or fake tree?

First things first: important is what you like yourself. A real tree gives you the ultimate Christmas experience because of its delightful scent and authentic glow, but a plastic one is a lot less cleaning work. Oh, and in a real tree might live some insects! For me, that made my decision way easier. Giving an answer to the question which option is the most sustainable seems to be a bit harder. On the long term, a fake one seems to be better, knowing that you have to reuse it every year, and this for at least 15 years. Do you prefer a real one? Than choose one with roots so you can plant it again when Christmas is over.

Where can you buy Christmas trees in Antwerp? Both real and fake ones are available at Brico and Tuincentrum Abies in Deurne. But also a lot of supermarkets – like for example Albert Heijn – are selling them! So keep your eyes open to get the most beautiful trees in the woods.

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  • Holly jolly deco

Thinking about Christmas is automatically thinking about Christmas decoration.  Christmas balls, stars, lights, snow, reindeers, Santa, presents, … You name it! Do you want to recreate this atmosphere as realistic as possible? Then don’t think: less is more! Overdress you Christmas tree, make a romantic mistletoe or step up your game and go for a full-on Christmas village. Think crazy!

We know that recreating a Christmas market is more than just Holly Jolly Deco. It’s about the full experience. Not a bad idea to add a suitable activity to your decoration process. Do it the DIY-way! The best way to take a study-break and clear your mind is to be creative. In need for some inspiration? Here are a few ideas:

  • Take a bottle cork and put a little pine branch in it. There you go, a little Christmas tree as table decoration.
  • Buy some basic Christmas balls and decorate them with your own glitter and glamour.
  • Make a wreath out of old coatracks. Wrick them and decorate them with pine branches, lights and fake snow.
  • Make some fake gifts: take a few carton boxes and wrap them with cute wrapping paper. Now put them under the tree and the Christmas atmosphere is complete.

To you like being creative? Than you’ll probably need some new stuff. Check ‘t Creatiefje in Wilrijk for the cutest DIY-materials and at the same time, support your locals!

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  • Party snacks!

Last but not least, the snacks! Put on some loud Michael Bublé Christmas songs and crown yourself the cooking queen this Christmas by making  the most delicious pastries, churros, waffles or hotdogs. Time for a drink after all this hard work? Than click here for a recipe to make your own Glühwein, yumm!

No worries if you’re not that good of a cook! There are lots of options take away in Antwerp. Tip: check our Student Guide for the most precious, affordable and delicious places in Antwerp. A lot of restaurants organised a take-away at their places, so make sure you first check their websites for the accurate  opening hours. Enjoy!