STAN magazine: behind the pictures | Annie

STAN magazine: behind the pictures | Annie

2021. STAN creates a magazine, for the first time ever. You know, one of those booklets with text and illustrations and – you’ve guessed it – photographs. We asked five student-photographers to provide visuals for our magazine, each with their unique style and vision. The incredible result of this collaboration can now be seen in the official STAN magazine, but how did those pictures come into existence? STAN found out for you. Today it’s Annie’s turn, an international graphic design student.

Experimenting and working in the moment

The columns I photographed for STAN magazine were my first professional photo assignments. I am a graphic designer so it was a little surprising to know that I was being hired as a photographer for this upcoming project. This made the whole process more interesting since I had to rely on the moment and not the ‘knowledge’. Therefore I had a lot to experiment and enjoy the challenges.


Most interesting was to work together with the models who also weren’t professionals in it. We were equally involved in the process of staging and finding the best possible setup, clothes, colours etc. This made working a lot more fun than photographing still lives, for example.


Photographing for the STAN magazine was a very interesting experience because I really had to work in the moment and I got to experiment a lot.

©Annie Naskyd

Nature as an escape

To me, Antwerp is quite a grey and busy city. Sometimes, however, I accidentally come across greenery in small, narrow streets or in the backyards at the cafes – secluded and away from the noisy city. Nature is a major source of my inspiration and since it’s not always possible to leave Antwerp for nature, it makes me happy to find those spots and ‘escape’ without leaving.

I love nature so much and I love being able to escape from the bustle without having to leave Antwerp.

©Annie Naskyd

©Annie Naskyd

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