Home is where the… is (IV)

Home is where the… is (IV)

Some blank walls, a small bed and a desk. Admittedly in it’s basic form a student room doesn’t exactly scream homeliness. Considering you’ll spend quite some time in this little room of yours, it wouldn’t hurt to liven it up. So how do you, without major renovations, turn this space into a home away from home? We asked four students for their tips and tricks.

Today’s tips are from: Fien, Photography student.

“This room was completely furnished when I got here. That made life easier for me, since I didn’t have to go out and buy those things. I really wanted to turn this room into my place. So I saved up money to buy all the stuff I wanted to add. Over the years it grew to what it is now. I don’t have anymore space to add things so I think this is the final product.
Things like my couch, record player and bedsheets really make this place feel like home. My pictures are really important to me too. I already know I’m going to miss it here. ”

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