The perfect cultural study break for your major

The perfect cultural study break for your major

Immersing yourself in cultural activities isn’t always easy when you’re cramming for those final exams, let alone during corona times. You have to juggle studying with extra assignments, balance online classes with papers and practical lessons, and searching for an hour of free time in that gigantic mountain of books seems near impossible. Good thing my bachelor paper has been postponed, because I love looking for cultural activities that are perfect for your study break! Craving culture but no idea where to go in these strange times? I’ve got you covered.

Grab a movie

Dark Waters

Going to the movies without going outside? No problem! Law and Environmental Science students will undoubtedly love the movie Dark Waters (Mark Ruffalo, Anne Hathaway). This movie will leave you on the edge of your seat with the shocking true story about environmental lawyer Rob Bilott, who in 1975 takes on a lawsuit against DuPont, a chemical company responsible for attempted chemical poisoning and holding back information about the dangers of Teflon. The fact that none other than The Hulk plays the role of Bilott, is the cherry on top.

You can rent Dark Waters on  for half the price of a movie ticket at Cinema Cartoon’s. Popcorn and drinks not included 😉

Oh Willy

Not enough time on your schedule for a feature film? Then a short film is perfect for you! It’s also great for your wallet (so you can buy some more red vines), because you can find a lot of them online. My personal favorite? Oh Willy. This 17-minute short film (which won over 75 awards worldwide) tells the story of Wollige Willy, a depressed little fellow who returns to the naturist community where his mother died, to then end up in the wilderness next to the domain. Physical Therapy and Medical students: this movie is your ultimate chance to review your knowledge of the human body.

You can watch Oh Willy for free on

To the museum!


We can visit museums again! Are you like me, not knowing which exhibition to visit first? With BLIND DATE you can explore four locations in one afternoon! This exhibition, a collaboration between The Phoebus Foundation and Museum Snijders & Rockoxuis, takes you on a trip across town while you discover more about the history of portraiture. Psychology students will surely be able to test their people-skills observing these paintings.

Don’t feel like getting some fresh air? Every Friday evening, BLIND DATE organizes a real DATE NIGHT, allowing you to get to know the portrayed from a distance.

Because of corona there’s a few things to keep in mind when you’re planning to visit a museum. Make sure to check safety measures on the website of BLIND DATE, where you also buy your ticket and reserve a time slot.

Home Alone

Visiting an art exhibition from the comfort of your couch, or whilst sitting in the yard with some iced tea? Oh, the perks of the corona virus.  You can now digitally visit Tim Van Laere Gallery! Home Alone consists of a series of brand new paintings and drawings by Tal R, a Tel Aviv-born artist who lives and works in Copenhagen. Combine expressionism, fauvism, symbolism and Scandinavian art, and you might get somewhere close to this artist’s mysterious still lives. With its existentialist artworks, Home Alone is the perfect exhibition for Philosophy students.

You can visit Tim Van Laere Gallery for free here.

Share your bed with the opera

La Juive

Have you always been intrigued by the opera, but never went? (too expensive, too complicated, …) Then now’s your chance! Opera Ballet Vlaanderen recently shared a selection of their best operas and ballets online, free of charge. If you really want the full-on opera experience without the story getting too confusing, I recommend checking out La Juive: an emotional rollercoaster of love, betrayal and family drama. On top of that, Opera Ballet Vlaanderen has crowned this performance the ‘perfect first opera’. Can’t go wrong, right? This historical opera is sung in French (no worries, you can turn on subtitles) and is therefore the perfect study break for Language and History students.

Convinced? Watch La Juive and other shows by Opera Ballet Vlaanderen on their website.

Podium Aan Huis

The only way is UP

Do you miss the theatre as well? Then I’m sure Podium Aan Huis will be a nice surprise. Through this platform you can stream a wide array of theatre performances for free and without having to set a foot outside. Don’t worry: they’re not all in Dutch! The only way is UP is a trippy kind of electro-opera inspired by BBC’s The Up Series, that interviewed the same fourteen kids every seven years, from 1964 to 2005. If you want to sail off on an LSD trip without the LSD, this show is perfect for you.

You can watch The only way is UP for free on the Podium Aan Huis website.

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