Time for … a different kind of study-break!

Allright, we’re not going to deny it, this study-period is very hard. You can scream and shout it but you cannot keep whining about it. Together we take action and try to make it something positive: what is still possible in this crazy times? Didn’t you always wanted to…

… make a playlist for every possible mood?

STAN approved: listening to music helps and makes you happy! Shuffling trough your liked music is a handy tool, but actually it is also a little bit of risky business… When Mariah Carrey starts singing while your ten minutes before a big deadline, you might want to throw your laptop out of the window. Or don’t play Birdy when you’re already at the edge of crying. And maybe you don’t want your secret guilty pleasure music in the mix at your Christmas dinner. So, let’s take advantage of the time we have now to make some playlists for every mood. It’s an investment for later, because what you put in your Christmas playlist now will still be usefull next year!

I already started a playlist that keeps you happy while healthy, check it out here!

… take your time for sending Christmas cards?

My parents always get a dozen of Christmas cards which makes me a bit jealous every year because our generation has to deal with ‘happy NY’ texts. But that will be different this year! No better study-break than writing cards to your dearest friends and family. Paint them yourself or buy them local – we will get ours from the member of our editorial team, Jamina – you could also use Bpost to make photocards.

… immortalize your trips?

We remember the time we went travelling as if it was only yesterday… The good news is, no virus can stop you from reliving your greatest moments at home. Take your time to collect and bundle your pictures in a photobook. Print them at shops like HEMA or Kruidvat and use them to decorate your room.  Let’s go!

… discover your creative side?

Suffering from a creative mind but not enough time to explore it? Corona gives you lots of free time to do creative things. It’s one of the best ways to empty your mind and because of this it’s perfect for a study break. Take a painting brush, knitting needles and whole, origami, tie-dye, puzzles, mandala, twisted candles, … and start your creative break! Only just a reminder: while doing this it is easy to lose sight of time so be careful!

A Christmas related tip: search for origami tutorials and make your own Christmas decoration like in the picture down below.

… tidy-up?

Fact check, a messy room makes a messy mind. So take advantage of the time you have now to tidy up all of your closets. Do it the Maria-Kondo way: take everything you have and ask yourself with every piece if it makes you happy or not. If it doesn’t? Then why keeping it? Just throw it away or sell it! This might be the way to happiness, let’s try it!

… help each other?

During the holidays, here in Belgium a radiostation called Studio Brussel, organizes ‘De Warmste Week’. This is an initiative that inspires and activates people to do a good deed to one another during the holiday period. A lot of initiatives take place and they always want a helping hand. On this website you can find their initiatives. The only pitty is that the website is only in Dutch, but find yourself a Dutch speaking friend or use Google Translate and join the movement!

… discover Antwerp?

Going outside is for sure the perfect study-break. Being sporty for example can empty your head and give you new energy. But let’s be honest, sometimes you just don’t want to do sports… No problem! A nice trip to the city can be the ideal way to skip your books for a moment too. We collected all of our tips for trips in this article. Go check it out!