Save the date: StuDay 2024 is coming

Save the date: StuDay 2024 is coming

Ready for a smashing start to the academic year? StuDay gives you a warm welcome! On September 26th 2024, STAN and its partners welcome all Antwerp students with open arms. From 1:30 pm to 10 pm, Spoor Oost will be the place to be for this unforgettable welcome party. Don’t worry about your classes, because that day you can enjoy a class-free afternoon! Be there during the party of the year!

The most familiar Thursday of the year is coming up again. On September 26th, the lessons make way for the student party of the year. No ordinary afternoon party or dorm party, but a real day festival. Looking forward to seeing your fellow students or bibcrush again after your vacation? Or just looking to have fun with your trusted group of friends? During the 21st edition of StuDay, it’s all possible, with snacks, drinks and great tunes. Don’t miss it!

The ideal location

This is the third year since we returned to our familiar Spoor Oost location. This industrial site offers a diverse mix of zones, so you can step from one experience into another. Dance in the Dance zone, led by funky beats. Looking for a different way to move? Do you like a challenge? Then challenge each other in the Play Zone! Don’t forget to relax in the Recharge Zone, because you’ll need your energy throughout the academic year. Or discover what ‘t Stad has to offer in the Discover zone, because Antwerp also has a lot of surprises in store for you after the 26th of September.

Dazzling program

The program is still a surprise, but it promises to be another spectacle. Last year there were three stages with different music genres. But they all had one thing in common: musical talent was all over the place. Names such as Freddie Konings and Cristian D provided unforgettable performances, while DJs such as Faisal and Geheimzinnig Soundsystem made the audience dance like never before. Techno, house, hip-hop or even a saxophonist: StuDay has it all. Yet, as mentioned earlier, StuDay is more than just music. There is a surprising selection of food, drinks and activities. Rather enjoy sports, cultural acts or a stroll along the many information booths (such as that of Antwerp Police)? It is all possible!

Green character

StuDay tries to be as sustainable as possible. Of course, this is not so obvious. Certainly not with a number of visitors around 20 000. That is why we try to be aware of this every year. For example, we use reusable cups and catering materials, fewer generators, a flyer ban, … We also try to encourage the students as much as possible to move around in a sustainable way: by walking, by bycicle or by tram. Coming from outside Antwerp? Then try to take the bus or train towards ‘t Stad. That way, together, we can make the world a better place.

Skipping classes?

We hear you thinking: ”But the academic year has just started and I’m already missing classes?” No worries: nothing is less true! The last Thursday of September, the 8 universities/colleges provide a class-free afternoon. So you can celebrate the opening of the new academic year with peace of mind and full of enthusiasm. So no excuse not to come, right?

Reserve your FREE ticket!

Is the idea of a class-free afternoon not yet convincing enough? Then this will definitely win you over! Entrance to StuDay is – believe it or not – completely free. Even with such an amazing lineup, crazy right? You do need a ticket to get in, though. You will be able to reserve these online at at the start of the new academic year. That way we can make sure everyone can enjoy this amazing day in a safe way. So be sure to keep an eye on STAN and StuDay’s social media channels, and visit the website from time to time for more info!

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