Get one of your own: the new Student Guide Antwerp

What can you find in the new Student Guide Antwerp 2020-2021?

Attention, attention! We are proudly announcing the fact that our Student Guide Antwerp is ready for you to pick up again! Curious about all the things you can find in this new, hot off the press edition? We’ll lift a tip of the veil for you!

Food baby in the making

Foodies, watch out! You will find the places to be in our guide to satisfy your taste buds. Discover the most Insta-worthy locations with the best food of ‘t Stad and become a real food expert. On top of that, you’ll even make your wallet happy: the locations often offer a low fare or even a student menu!

Shop till you drop

We haven’t forgotten the shopaholics either! Antwerp is heaven on earth for shopping fanatics, because the city is dotted with the nicest and most surprising stores. Decoration to pimp your dorm room? Clothes to show off to your friends? Stuff to make studying just that little bit more fun? You’ll find the perfect spot for all of these items in our Student Guide.

Soak up Antwerp culture

Do not miss out on culture in Antwerp! You will find plenty of cultural trips, locations and other hidden gems in the city. So, let’s skip the comfort zone and get your ass to all the cultural houses and museums Antwerp has to offer. Don’t forget to bring your friends. We’re so sure it will make them very happy.

Hit the road

Do you really want to get to know the city (in a different way)? Take a walk with the walkabouts you can find in de Student Guide! In each district the map will take you past a lot of addresses from the guide in our beautiful city. After this you will definitely become a true Antwerp specialist! Big plus: you’ll reach your 10.000 steps per day in no time.

Curious about what else the guide has in store for you? Hurry to GATE15 and get one of your own for free!