How to study effectively at your student home

How to study effectively at your student home

Life at a student home is awesome, but we can imagine that it might be difficult to separate your study space from your place to relax. Of course you’re always more than welcome at one of our amazing STUDY360-locations for a hardcore study session. However, we’re also here to help you to study effectively at home: here are our four tips.

1 Create your own workplace

And this doesn’t have to be a huge office. Just a desk with a comfortable chair will do! This is where you keep all your study supplies: from your books to your pens and laptop. From now on, this is where the magic happens, and nowhere else. By creating a workplace you avoid accidentally dozing off during a student session in bed (oops), you create structure for yourself and you keep your work and private life separate. Keep your workplace as tidy as possible so you can get to work straight away (without your books being buried under empty bags of crisps). Side note, it should not look like this: 😉

2 Your workplace is not for relaxation

Time for a break? Time to leave your workplace! When relaxation and work happen in the same room, it’s very easy to just read a couple more pages while eating a sandwich. However, we all know how important it is to take a break; it will definitely improve your focus. So take a walk around the block, get some fresh air or watch your favorite tv show from the couch. Relaxation is extremely important and it deserves to have its own space.

3 Play with lights

Good lighting is key during a study session, but not at all necessary during me-time. By playing with the lighting in your room you can create an entirely different atmosphere and adjust it to your mood. Dim the lights when it’s time for a break, light some cozy candles and you will feel much more at ease.

4 Avoid eating at your desk

Of course we don’t mean that you shouldn’t eat at all. Healthy food and nutrients are of high importance during your exam period! That’s why we wrote this article about how brainfoods can help you focus. However, snacking at your desk during your study session is not a very good idea. Of course it’s tempting to eat a few quick sweets, but it’s best to plan your meals and snacks during break-time. Chances are you’ll be much more aware of what and how much you eat.

Still struggling to keep your work and private life separate, or in need of a new environment to boost your focus? You’re more than welcome to come study at one of our STUDY360-locations! Check our website for all info about the locations and opening hours. Good luck!