Budgeting tips that actually work

Budgeting tips that actually work

A beer here, another one there, eating out with friends and expensive handbooks… Student life is EXPENSIVE! And once every so often you wake up horrified and bathing in sweat because you don’t know how you’re going to pay for all that, right? Seems familiar? Then we’ve got good news: the following great tips will undoubtedly help you save a lot of cash in no time. Ka-ching!

1. Did you bring your grocery list?

Doing groceries on an empty stomach – guilty as charged. When you’re absolutely starving it might seem like a good idea to stuff your grocery cart with cookies and pizza’s, but it’s not. Namely because it’s horrible for your wallet, and so this beginner mistake has got to be avoided at all cost. The magic words? A grocery list! Before you go to the store, take a moment to think about what (and how much) you want to eat, and you’ll never again end up ‘accidentally’ buying seven candy bars. Your bank account will be happier for it!

2. Clothes: buying and selling

Is your wardrobe drowning in all the shirts, trousers, shoes, and jackets you haven’t worn since you were 15? Then it’s time for a big clean-up. Collect all the clothing items you no longer want and sell them online (tip: you can easily sell clothing through apps like Vinted and United Wardrobe). This way you’ve earned a buck and you have more closet space. Win-win! Of course, you’re not supposed to run off to the Meir and buy new, expensive clothes to fill the void immediately after. The way to go is to find fun, budget-friendly items at second-hand shops, like Melting Pot Kilo or Episode. For more thrift shops that are easy on your wallet, check out our (always budget-friendly) Student Guide.

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3. Sharing is caring

When you live in a student room, it could be very convenient to split some bills with your roommates. How about a Netflix account? Or, if possible, a gym membership? But an evening of cooking and dining together could also make a considerable change in your grocery bill. On top of that, it’s much cosier than eating by yourself.

4. Water, water, more water

The best way to save money remains skipping on coffee, tea, cola, and other drinks and treating yourself to a cold glass of water. You heard it right! Tap water. It’s not the most favourite drink of the average student, but it is good for your wallet and very healthy. Drinking water also boosts productivity, it’s good for your teeth and your immune system. Can’t really say no to that, can you?