10 little things that make your life happier

10 little things that make your life happier

Even though the exams have only just started, many of us feel like we’ve been in study mode for months on end. We gathered a couple of little thing that kan help you break out of the rut of this quarantine. These 10 unexpected bits of fortune help make this period just a tad more bareable.

  1. Peeling of the golden foil of a new jar of nutella and being the first to put your knife in.

2. Right when you’re about to start a new chapter, you recieve a message saying that you don’t have to learn it for the exam.

3. Find a 10 euro note in a bag you haven’t used for a long time.

4. You get the first Velo-bike in the row and the saddle is perfectly adjusted to your height!

5. Your roommate surprises you with the perfect cappuccino including a little chocolate.

6. Getting one of the example questions on the exam.

7. Thinking your bowl is empty, but finding one last crisp.

8.Your favourite song is playing in the supermarket and you can’t help doing a little dance.

9. “Spa day” (read: washing, shaving, scrubbing…) after not getting out of your sweatpants for days.

10. Waking up ten minutes before your alarm goes of so you still have time to snooze.