Essential first aid kit for internationals

Essential first aid kit for internationals

Arriving in Antwerp can be a bit overwhelming. It’s a diverse and ever-changing city, filled to the brim with awesome shops, restaurants, museums and other things to keep you entertained. To help welcome our beloved international students, we composed a list of things you need to know/do/bring/arrange when you arrive in Antwerp for the first time, a first aid kit if you will.

First stop: STAN and GATE15

Whether it’s your first day or you already feel like a local, dropping by GATE15 is an essential part of being a student in Antwerp. GATE15 is located at the Kleine Kauwenberg 15 (fifteen – fifteen, see what we did there?) and is part of the beating heart of the student life. This building is the home of many student-related facilities. For instance, the international office, which you will definitely encounter, but also venues to rent for activities, student housing and the bar_TAKEOFF/coworking space. But the -arguably- most important resident of GATE15 is STAN.

STAN is short for Student & Antwerp and is the accessible, easy-going and helpful organisation focused on students in… you guessed it, Antwerp. STAN is there to help you with all your questions regarding living and studying in Antwerp. Come say hi at our reception and be sure to pick up a free copy of our Student Guide Antwerp, a handy little book full of tricks and tips to make the most out of your time in Antwerp.

Student Guide Antwerp: this is why you’ll need it…

This little indispensable book is so useful that it deserves some more attention. It basically bundles all you need to survive a year in Antwerp. No, not just to survive, to thrive in Antwerp. It offers some lovely walkabouts throughout all parts of the city for the flaneurs who love exploring. If you prefer going out to eat, drink and have a good time, our guide has more recommendations than there are meals to have, all in a range from luxurious dining to end-of-the-month lunches. We even listed some interesting museums and other activities to fill your weekends.

And when you need some help and advice, The Yellow Pages are wiser than Google. They tell you how to get a working bike, where to go when you are ill, what to do with your garbage, where to start if you want to earn some extra cash… You name it, we guide you. Pick one up for free at our reception in GATE15.

Finding accommodation

Finding suitable accommodation can be a hassle. Comparing different offers and avoiding being scammed can take up a lot of time. Fortunately, we have some good news for you. This struggle has become a thing of the past thanks to Kotweb. This carefully curated site does your work for you. Thanks to the colour-coded labels you can see the quality of each room/studio immediately. It offers the biggest database of student accommodation in Antwerp, and every university or university college in Antwerp has someone responsible to help and provide free legal aid if there should be any disputes. Carefree living guaranteed. We want you to feel welcome and treat Antwerp as your home while you are here. A safe and sweet dig is quite essential for that, so we’ve got you covered.

Residence permit

This daunting piece of administration is quite essential. Fortunately, the city of Antwerp has an office just for this right in the heart of the student neighbourhood, at GATE15. The International Office is there to help you with all your questions and to make sure that your administration is in order, that way you can enjoy a care-free time in the best city on earth (believe us, we checked). To ensure enough time for each student and to guarantee a covid-proof workflow, the international office only takes students by appointment; so, no walk-ins!

Making an appointment is a piece of cake, just ask the person responsible for the international students at your institution, they will help you further. If you are not sure where to start, you can look at this overview and send an email to your school. Before you know it, everything will be taken care of.