❤️ Wanted: Kissing Buddy for this Kiss Day ❤️

❤️ Wanted: Kissing Buddy for this Kiss Day ❤️

Ooh la laaa, today is World Kiss Day! STAN is here to be your cupid with the kiss map, featuring 40 kissable spots scattered across the city! Bring out your inner romantic and kiss away among the cacti in Den Botaniek or head to one of the most beautiful train stations in the world! Feeling overwhelmed by choices? No problem! The STAN editorial team gives you five of our fave spots right here! You’re welcome!

1. Den Botaniek

Nature lovers and looking for a green oasis to enjoy some peaceful moments together? Then this iconic botanical garden is perfect for you! Stroll hand in hand among the 2000 herbs and plant species, and afterwards, you can romantically lie under a tree together, just like in a rom-com! Did you know that Den Botaniek has been transformed into the Garden of Poets? This is the perfect place to read poems to each other or declare your love with a good ol’ rhyme. Go for ultimate romance in Den Botaniek!

2. Central Station

The second kissing spot chosen by our editorial team is definitely not the least! Give your sweetheart a kiss at this historic site that’s over a hundred years old! Imagine how many romantic kisses have happened here! This station is the pride of every Antwerp local as it is one of the most beautiful stations in the world! Imagine yourself in a historical movie with your crush and share a passionate kiss on the magnificent stairs of the Central Station. Just try to avoid the rushing travelers as an extra thrilling obstacle. Bad kiss, bad date? No worries! You might catch a train!

3. Nello & Patrasche Statue

Okay, we admit, the original story about this myth is quite sad, but this spot is oh so romantic! This statue is located at the one and only Cathedral. This beautiful lady is indispensable in the Antwerp skyline, so a must in your kiss spot repertoire! Walk around this lovely square and kiss away while the cathedral towers above you. Tip: this is the perfect kissing spot in the evening when the cathedral is extra beautifully lit. Then, enjoy a cozy walk together through the historic center of Antwerp. Sounds good, right?

4. Vlaaikensgang

Travel back in time to the 16th century with your kissing buddy. In this picturesque little street where time seems to stand still, you can escape reality together and get lost in each other’s eyes (don’t judge until you try it!) In this intimate atmosphere, you’ll also find antique shops, art galleries, and cozy restaurants. Within these safe walls, you’ll definitely get to know each other (and each other’s lips) better.

5. Conscienceplein

Last but not least, Conscienceplein! The square named after author Hendrick Conscience is a fantastic kissing spot. Walk in each other’s arms in front of the fountain or the beautiful Carolus Borromeus Church. The square also feels like a southern plaza, making it ideal to practice that holiday kiss with your kissing buddy. After all that kissing, you can relax together at a terrace. Enjoy all those kisses!

These five kissing spots are editorially approved for this World Kiss Day! And if you don’t have a kissing buddy yet, that’s no problem, just visit these lovely spots and who knows, you might find your new sweetheart there. Forget Tinder and check our Kissing Spot map!

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A big kiss from us and keep the romance alive. ❤️