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student magazine antwerp

student magazine antwerp

A unique magazine featuring you

Corona may have sabotaged our Student Guide Antwerp, but STAN wouldn’t be STAN if we wouldn’t make lemonade when given lemons. We used this opportunity to create something that is completely outside of our comfort zone: a brand new magazine with you, the student, in the lead.

As always we want to inspire and challenge you to be the best version of yourself. Whether you’re a rookie freshman or a senior decades in the making, with this magazine we want to surprise, entice and excite you. Taste the best of Antwerp’s student life, get invested in interesting stories, and feel at home in the city.

Get your own copy at our info desk at GATE15. Check our opening hours here.


This brand new, unique magazine will be distributed at the start of the academic year. Our STANciens will be handing them out all over town, but you can of course always pick up your copy at the reception desk of our house GATE15.

We’re hoping that this can remain a surprise until you get your hands on your very own copy, but you can expect inspiring stories from fellow students, tips and tricks from graduates, interesting facts about Antwerp, and fantastic photography and design.

What are you waiting for? Get yours now!


“Do you have an inspiring story or stunning visuals to share, and would you like them to be part of next year’s edition of our magazine? Then make sure to send an email to and perhaps we’ll get in touch soon.”


The Antwerp Student Magazine is written by editors and employees of our fixed team, along with the fantastic editorial team.