Seeds of hope

seeds of hope

seeds of hope

Hey there brave student,

During the past year, more than ever has it become clear that being a student isn’t always a piece of cake. Mental health, stress, pressure, … And yet here you are. Big thanks for staying so strong.

For STAN, Antwerp Student Day (04/02) is the starting signal to reflect on this for an entire month. How, you ask? By spreading seeds of hope among students in Antwerp. Maybe you’ve already found a card in your mailbox, or you came to pick one up!

So, head in a cloud these days and no sun in sight? Then plant this seed of hope in a pot full of soil and cheer up! Just like this sunflower. We konw, you might feel like you’ve turned into a wallflower forever… but rest assured we will bloom again and let the sun shine on our faces together.

Got a friend who could use a boost too? Mail us his or her name and the adress and we’ll do the rest.

Note: We will respect everyone’s privacy and only use the adresses for spreading the Seeds of Hope. Afterwards, all information will be deleted immediately.

Do you have other questions?

STAN is trying its hardest to help you wherever possible. Not only by spreading seeds of hope, but also by informing you, referring you and giving you tips.

  • Our student barometer is packed with stories of fellow students. How do they cope with this difficult time? What tips can they give you?
  • STAN looked into the places where you can go for FREE when “I’m okay” is no longer the answer to how you’re truly doing. You can find all referrals in this article.
  • The international offices will also remain ready for you. Here you can find an overview of the contact information of the international office of your university or university college.
  • Still have questions? Or do you just want some practical info on which rules currently apply to you as a student? Then make sure to check out our FAQ about corona.