Share a slice – not just any pizza box

Share a slice – not just any pizza box

A special year, or you could say year and a half (yep, we know!), requires something special. Because we missed you so much, this academic year you won’t receive a Student guide. However, you do get a pizza box packed with goodness. To read and to do.

What’s in the box?

“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get”, we heard Forrest Gump say. But that also applies to our pizza box. You will not find a creamy slice of pizza with stringy cheese, but you will find discount vouchers from partners, exciting challenges and sustainable gifts.

It will be extra fun when you share the box with friends, old or new. Because here and there you will also find gadgets that get more interesting when you put them together.

And the really fortunate may win golden slices with great prizes. You can compare it to the golden ticket in Charlie and the chocolate factory. Only for the lucky few. In other words, choose your box wisely.

Brand new Student magazine

But the real eye-catcher is our brand new Student magazine. We didn’t make a Student guide this year, because everything changed so much and because we wanted to give you, the student, the stage you deserve. And you really deserved it!

The Student magazine was written with you in mind and is full of inspiring stories that will keep you reading from front to back. From fashion, to ‘kot’ cribs and psychological issues and part-time jobs to student clubs. What keeps you busy and what do you like? We compiled it all into an edgy cover.

For and by students

Credit where credit is due. This beautiful pizza box was born from the minds of a couple of Product Development students. Together with STAN they developed this delectable welcome package for you.

Curious? Keep an eye on STANAntwerp’s socials and find out how you can get your hands on one of these mighty boxes, because numbers are limited.