Humans of STUDY360: Spring Edition

Humans of STUDY360
Spring Edition


Spring is here! And it shows. The birds are singing, the sun is out, the flowers show themselves… And STUDY360 is back! Especially for every student who is going a little crazy in their student room, for everyone who could use some structure in their school work, for all the youngsters who rather study together than alone. On the second day of STUDY360 I went to find out what brave students have already started studying for their exams.


“Today is only the second day of STUDY360 but it’s already the second day I make good use of it. Yesterday I went to De Winkelhaak, a location that I liked, but today I noticed that TRIX is opened until pretty late. For me, that is the perfect motivation to study a little longer and a perfect opportunity to test this brand new location. During this period, you get sick and tired of your student home; the walls are closing in. So it’s very nice to go study elsewhere. At a STUDY360-location, my focus is also way better. At the beginning of a new STUDY360 period, I enjoy figuring out which locations are the best ones, and there are always a few new ones too. I’m testing them first. Usually, when I’ve found my place, I try to keep going there. I choose my go-to locations on the basis of the location, opening hours, and based on the possibility of free coffee, of course.”

“During this period, you get sick and tired of your student home; the walls are closing in. So it’s very nice to go study elsewhere.” – Samuel


“I came here today with my roommate, Samuel. Yesterday, he already went to a STUDY360-location and he was very enthusiastic, which sounded good. So I thought I’d come along. I haven’t studied at such a location very often, but I wanted to try it out. Especially because you can go outside, and there is at least a little bit of social contact, right? So far it’s been very good!”



Lies – Student Gender and Diversity

“I love to make use of the places of STUDY360 because it makes you go somewhere else than the everyday routine at home. Today, I am here for the first day, so I’m glad it’s open again, because, the library, you know… This really is something different, right?! Zomerfabriek is a very nice place to study. I just arrived, but I already noticed it’s really quiet here. This in combination with a lot of light and the individual tables you can make use of makes it very comfortable to study.”



Antar – Suppoost at Zomerfabriek and student Socio-economic Sciences

“I think it is important that STAN organizes STUDY360, because it really helps students that we offer them an outdoor place to study, somwhere else than at home or at the library.  Even when I do my job as a suppoost here, I get a lot of work done because I really get absorbed into the atmosphere of hard work and studying. If you see the other students working around you, it feels like the most stupid idea to watch Netflix at your desk, so it really motivates me to work even harder. The first time I worked at Zomerfabriek, I was pleasantly surprised by this beautiful location’

“If you see the other students working around you, it feels like the most stupid idea to watch Netflix at your desk, so it really motivates me to work even harder.” – Antar

Bram (links) en Ruben (rechts)

Bram (student international diplomacy) & Ruben (student electromechanics)

Bram: “We both have little space to study at home and we need a bit of ‘social control’ from the other students”

Ruben: ‘That’s true. At home I cannot really concentrate. While here, at this location, I can because of the hard working students surrounding me.”

Bram: “And you have access to some energydrinks here as a student, that’s important as well.”

Ruben: “And a good wifi-connection. Because at my place I don’t have access to a good wifi-connection so that really frustrates me when I have to work for school.”

Bram: “Yes, we are big fans, we came here a few weeks ago to check if it was already open but it wasn’t. We are very happy that we can come here now. It feels really good to have some structure for at least a few hours a day. No single student wants to work for school 24/7. When you study here, you can work from for example 9pm until 5 or 6 am and that makes your days a bit more structured”


Marjan – Suppoost at Noordpoort – Studetn Socia-economic Sciences

“I really enjoy doing my job as a suppoost at Noordpoort. It is a very unique location with a lot of light coming through the windows and different separated rooms for students to study. It’s also very nice to study this close to Park Spoor Noord, because you can always stroll down in the park for a coffeebreak or lunchtime. I do this job as a suppoost already for two years and Noordpoort really is amazing, because of the specific character and openness of the building. Even when I’m working, it feels like I’m studying together with the other students surrounding me.”


Gianni- Student International Diplomacy

“Studying at home is not always easy, so when I discovered STUDY360 last year on recommendation of some of my friends, it convinced me to try it myself. I enjoy studying at Noordpoort because it is close to the student neighbourhood and because there are different compartments for students to sit. I like to listen to some techno/EDM to really get into the flow, and that really works here for me.”

Do you want to join us at STUDY360? The locations will be open until the 25th of June 2021. Don’t forget to check the rules related to this corona-proof edition before coming over. Together we keep it safe. Stay safe and good luck with your exams!

Kom jij ook studeren bij STUDY360? Dat kan nog tot en met 25 juni 2021. Check voordat je vertrekt even de regels die gelden tijdens deze coronaproof editie. Samen houden we het veilig. STAY SAFE en succes met de blok!