2020, begone! Tips for a smashing New Year’s with your bubble

2020, begone! Tips for a smashing New Year’s with your bubble

New Year’s Eve… For some of us, that means a cozy get-together with family. For others, it’s a good reason to let out their inner party animal one last time before the exams start. For me, New Year means a big family party with lots of food and drinks, a great Secret Santa-quiz, and counting down to the new year along with the VRT-broadcast of Antwerp’s fireworks. Stating the obvious: this year, the holidays will be looking slightly different. But look at it like this. We’re almost rid of 2020, and whoever you decide to celebrate the end of this horrible year with:  it’ll be a New Year’s to remember, so make it special! In this article, I provide you guys with some ideas for a smashing New Year. Happy Holidays 😏

Tips for a Zoom party

Vote on the prettiest backdrop

Does the thought of another Zoom meeting make your stomach twist? I feel you. No better reason for you and your friends or family to decorate your video backdrop in a Christmas theme! Instead of virtually raising the glass from behind your musty desk, build a real Christmas décor: tree, lights, garlands, glitters, … You can even turn it into a competition. Vote for the prettiest Zoom-backdrop, and the winner gets a bottle of the good stuff when you can hang out ‘in real life’ again.

TIP: No inspiration? Make sure to check out editor Julia’s article full of ideas to create the ultimate Christmas vibe. Jingle bells…

Quizzes and karaoke

If we’ve learned one thing from 2020, it’s that talking to a computer screen is super awkward. That’s why you break the ice with some activities that you can perfectly organize from a distance. How about a game of Cards Against Humanity, a round of (online) Werewolf, or digital Pictionary? If you really want to build a party, organize a karaoke night with your favorite Christmas jingles. Christmas spirit? Check!

Bubble party (bubbles included)

Tater tots everywhere

You say New Year, I say tots. Stuffing yourself with appetizers and tater tots is a given on New Year’s Eve. So, when you feel down because you can’t celebrate the end of the year with the whole family, keep in mind that this year you have to share the bag of tots with only three other people instead of twenty. Score!

But let’s be real for a moment. New Year’s Eve is the perfect opportunity to channel your inner Gordon Ramsay and cook up a scrumptious dinner. The internet is packed with festive recipe ideas for the ultimate six-course feast! Do you prefer browsing through a cookbook? Make sure to check out the free cooking magazines by grocery stores like Delhaize and Albert Heijn (especially when you’ve already spent all your money on Christmas presents and you don’t have a penny left in your wallet for a trip to the bookstore).

Clench your thirst

Are bubbles too basic for your taste? Then a cocktail is the perfect way to say goodbye to 2020 in style. How about a Gingerbread Bourbon Punch, Christmas Sangria, or a Pear Rosemary Gin & Tonic?

This year, we’re making a New Year Spritz. Cheers!

Grinch, is that you?

Not feeling a party? If that’s the case, New Year’s is the perfect moment to pamper yourself. Why? Because 2020 sucked and because self-care is important. Take a hot bath with a festive Lush bath bomb (accompanied by a glass of bubbles), order your favorite take-out, put on your softest pajamas, and watch a cheesy Netflix Christmas movie (A Christmas Prince, anyone?) while stuffing yourself with yule log. Go to bed early, read a good book, and before you know it, 2020 is a thing of the past.