GATE15 will be STAN

Bye bye gate15, hello stan!

Bye bye gate15, hello stan!

Is it a building? Is it a group of people? Or is it just StuDay? A lot has been said and written about GATE15, but lately, things just weren’t that clear anymore. A slight identity crisis came over us, but as is often the case with such things; we rose up, stronger and wiser. And from now on, we’d like to call ourselves STAN.

STAN stands for Student & Antwerp and takes care of the operation of GATE15. Behind STAN, you can still find the same familiar faces that you’re used to from GATE15, and the projects you like so much. StuDay, STUDY360… they all still exist and the same team is still organizing them. Our focus on the student is even stronger and our power to adapt even faster, in case we are confronted with viruses for example. The only real change is our operation name.

So is GATE15 totally disappearing from the face of the earth? Absolutely not. It remains the name of the building where both STAN, and also other operations will be working from. Think about Takeoff_ and the International Student Office.

Any questions or comments? Who you gonna call? STAN